Meet Our Team

We have been blessed with an amazing work force.

Call it whatever you'd like...
... Karma, The Universe, Luck, God...
Whether you're talking about our admin team, our aides or our therapists; our people are as unselfish as they come. They are always willing to go above the norm to get the job done and be sure each patient is heard, seen and treated to their individual needs at the same time as fostering an environment of positivity, camaraderie and safety all the while empowering each other to evolve and grow. Our people push the boundaries of performance every single day and that is a unique quality we feel sets us apart from the average clinic.
Chris and Jessie Photo
R. Christopher,PT, Dip, MDT
Jessie Bouton
Owners & Operators
Erik Photo
Eric Furbeck


Luke_Barnes Photo
Luke Barnes, PT, DPT
Gabby Photo
Assistant Manager
Ashley Photo
Front desk Liaison

Bouton Physical Therapy

221 S. James St
Rome, NY 13442
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